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'just had the extreme pleasure of experiencing Dave and his crew open the European leg of their 2005 summer tour in Amsterdam at the Milkyway.
A most excellent show, their performance was tight, they had a good set-list (the only song I realy missed was Train of Consequences)
The Milky way is a pretty small club, 1500ppl or so, which made for a very intimate show, with good band-crowd interaction. As usual Dave let his riffs and lyrics speak.

Highlights for me were:
the countdown songs (o.a. Symphony, Sweating Bullets)
the new stuff: they opened with Blackmail the Universe, they also played Kick the Chair and Die Dead Enough.
Hanger 18/Return to Hangar
Holy Wars (Including Mechanix and Paranoid)
plus they performed Argry Again.
What more can you ask for?

Glen & Dave both played very nice ESPs, Dave his 'King Vs' (aka DV8 ), Glen had two LTD 1000s, one custom graphic.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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