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Merry Christmas thread

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Just like to wish Dave and everybody else on the site a very happy christmas/holiday time.

Best wishes
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Merry christmas Dave and everybody here :mrgreen:
indeed! happy holidays to all! hope everyone gets a good break from work/school for some time with family and guitars! :)
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your holidays are filled with happiness and good health. Rest up, Dave.
Yo Dave! Here's hoping that your gear arrives back to your place in one piece, a very Merry Christmas and a safe & prosperous 2006 with a tour stop in ATL.

Merry Christmas to Dave and all members and mods here at Jemsite! Hope everyone here has a safe and happy holiday. :)
GreenMeanie said:
to everyone!

How cool!

Can't believe Christmas is upon us.
I hate Christmas.

Becuase it could be the main factor for why my 770 isn't here yet! ;)

Seriously, Merry Christmas everyone.
Ah the season is upon us! May your Christmas holiday be pleasent and memoriable! I hope everyone finds a brand new JEM in their stockings!! (Hey we can dream right!)
bah humbug i hate christmas! its too happy

just kidding of course ;) happy holidays folks
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Merry Christmas everyone and Dave.

Happy Holidays Dave and everyone! Best wishes on the New Year!
i just don't like the busy part..
the rest is fine!
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