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mesa boogie for sale/trade

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High quality gear!.......Mesa boogie triaxis preamp version 2.0 in mint condition very little used just minor recordings this thing is one of the best tube preamplifiers you can buy! used by the great Joe Petrucci(dream theater),James hetfield(metallica) and many other artists......sound that comes out of this preamp is awesome..unit is in prefect working condidion minor rack rash where the screw holes are....heres the link to mesa boogie if you dont know this preamp i suggest read about it................http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Rackmount-Preamps/TriAxis/triaxis.html

also got a power amplifier for sale that was made to run with the pre amp...mesaboogie 2:90 stereo power amp...also in great shape..minor rack rash and it missing one screw off the front plate the tech that retubed this amp lost the screw!....this amp was retubed not even a month ago with the best tubes it can get for the amp(not mesaboogie).....like i said this power amp was made to run with triaxis heres a link to mesaboogie to read about the set up

all this is comming in 14 space rack case that is on wheels has handles on each side front and back cover removable excelent shape!

with all this is included smart power conditioner that is brand spanking new from long and mcquade still has a price tag on it (no box sorry bough it off the display)

i am looking for full stack 2 -4x12 cabinets and mesa boogie head......tripple rec,stiletto,mark III,IV......please let me know what you got

if you wanna buy this whole set up ill give it away for $3200 all together(thats a steal!)

pictures available upon request

[email protected]
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