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Mesa Roadking 4X12 Slant Cab

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Item for sale: Mesa Road King Slant4X12 Cab

Description & Condition: Basically 2 cabs in one. Right side is sealed with VIN30's (70 watt) and left side is open with Black Shadow 90's (90 watt). 4 ohm mono or 8 ohm stereo. I purchased it new earlier this year. Couple of minor scuffs and grille has a not too noticeable 3" tear at the bottom left. Comes with cover. No casters.

Price: $629 shipped 48 states or $550 for local pickup.

My Location: Northern NJ

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Add 3% if paying by paypal

Other Information: Cab is $949 new. Get this Mesa 4X12 for the price of a Mesa 2X12. Only selling because I bought another one in a different color combo and don't really need 2 4X12's, although... ;)

[email protected]

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