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Metal Method?

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What do you all think of Doug Marks' Metal Method? Are the lessons good, and taught clearly? Does it really work and improve your playing? I was thinking about asking for the DVD's to improve, because my b-day is coming up and I wanted to know if anyone has done so already. One last question I'd like to ask; is it better than an actual teacher? :D Thanks

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It sure did. I'm going to get it then in a few months.
hard to say if its better than a private instructor. there's teachers out there who are virtually unknown and may be one the best players you've heard, and there are teachers who are unknown for good reason! i think if you don't have a teacher, you need to treat your practice time as if it were a lesson; be really discilpined and stock up on some good books/instructional dvds. o yea back to your question, i don't know, haven't heard of it!
Doug is an amazing tutor. Im currently studying the advanced classes 5 + 6 at the moment. Im a member over at his forums too. In short, these lessons kick tremendous ass, and great bang for your buck thats for sure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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