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A little ditty I wrote while going through the middle east with my guitar. I did the tracking and arrangement, but the mixing and mastering were done by one of Vai's lead engineers/producers. I'm not a virtuoso, just a rocker, so don't judge. At that time, he was just wrapping up a 6 month long project with Mr Vai and by that time he couldn't tell what was real or a hallucination lol. He relayed that the longer one is in the studio with Vai, the more alien things sound. He took on my project to clear his mind. A bit of a sonic palette cleanser lol.

Anyway, the Gravity Storm set is just inspiring on every level. Split, parallel, you name it. Don't judge by this track, as it's mixed to have a bit of an 80's feel. I have more contemporary tracks using this set that I've produced myself to a less polished edge. They do what you ask of them and they love it!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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