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Michael Jackson heart attack?

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They are reporting he wasn't breathing when the ambulances got there, but you never know with his publicity machine...


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Everyone is reporting that he has actually died.
I never cared for him as an artist or as a human being, but I think a lot of what he did was because of all the leeches and hangers on that surrounded him like piranhas.

But I do respect what he did, how well he did it, and how influential he was. Most known person on the planet for a very long time and quite possibly still. Like it or not, it is damn impressive what he accomplished in his life.
Honestly, I don't think he ever molested any kids. I think he just truly never grew out of being a child in his mind. He never had to grow up and was totally surrounded by people who told him whatever he wanted to hear. He wanted to be Peter Pan and he was truly rich enough to be Peter Pan and no one would tell him otherwise. I think he was genuinely surprised when people found it weird that he had sleepovers with kids. I also think the parents of the poor kids he had sleepovers with saw an easy mark.

He was a weird weird man but one hell of an artist.

I can't remember who said it, but I though it was hilarious that:

"Only in America can you be born a poor black boy and die a rich white woman."
A forum with brain dead shredders is not something to go by. ;)
Speak for yourself fellow member :wink:

The child molester remarks aren't just coming from nowhere. When child after child makes the accusations after they were in bed with him only someone who is truly brain dead would choose to completely ignore it.

If Gary Glitter had MJ money do you think he would have been convicted?

Again, I'm not saying he did it, what I'm saying is that it's fair to discuss it and is not unreasonable to think it probably happened and say so.
As some kids the right questions, and they'll tell you what you want to hear. It wouldn't be the first time it happened. Only the kids know what really happened, and they are more or less old enough to speak up. The only problem with that is that they could do it for exposure and get their 15 minutes of fame. Bad choice, of course. But it will give the MJ fans something to "defend" MJ with.

Poor parents accusing a very rich man for something he's paid his way out of before. Heck, for all I know he's guilty as a cat in a fishbowl. But it doesn't effect what he did musically, even less so before his guilt is proven.

For me it boils down to respect. I think I own one MJ CD. I can't say I'm a big fan. But I do respect him for what he has done for pop music.
I totally agree. The first album I ever bought was 'Thriller' when I was 9 years old. At least I got to hear Eddie Van Halen :D

I'm just saying you can't call people 'brain dead' for making the argument, it is a very valid argument.

Is OJ Simpson going to be remembered as a great running back or a murderer? He was also found "Not Guilty" as I recall.
Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, I'll bet none of them owned a 3 Wolf 1 Moon Tshirt.
Without a doubt Mich. Had they been sporting the 3WM we wouldn't even be having this conversation. This is a well documented fact.
No, that simply documents that a kid said it happened. That doesn't make it true. I'm not passing judgment, I'm just saying an accusation is just that.
Bat, are you not being a bigot as well?

From Wiki: "A bigot is a person who is intolerant of or takes offense to the opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from his or her own."

Some just choose to remember his music and some choose to remember the drugs and pedo accusations.
I have been a bit too. I guess we are just passionate about our opinions :lol:
Joe Jackson isn't getting a thing. Apparently MJ left him NOTHING in the will. Looks like his mom (who has been separated from Joe for some time, is getting temp custody. The mom sold away her rights a few times now. What's the latest dust up, that the kids aren't even MJs I think I heard. This is only going to get uglier and uglier as those kids will be seen as the last possible meal ticket. Time to throw some sequins on 'em and get 'em singing and dancing. I'll bet money on it.
Payoffs are now simply a business decision. If it will cost more to clear your name then why bother, just pay off and "admit no wrongdoing" I believe is the common phrase. And at the end of the day it is still just his word against the kids.

Although if you do vigorously defend yourself one time you would probably make others think twice about making false accusations.*

*not saying the accusations were false, just making a point.

Dude, Monet and Van Gogh are my favorites. Of course, they were a bit loopy as well :rolleyes:
:lol: sorry...

Van Gogh! I've been to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Amazing place!

Incidently, did you read about the new book that was complied from years of investigation work that concluded that Vincent did not cut off his own ear? According to the author, it was a made up story given to police at the time to protect his friend Gaugin who actually cut off VG's ear -with a sword-during an argument. I'll try dig up the link.

Here is the link

Yes! I haven't read this particular article but I have heard that there was some de-bunking going on over the story. It would make sense that he wanted to cover for Gaugin. I have been to the VG museum about 4 times now, it is unbelievable how much more amazing his works are in person. I was flat out astounded at the detail. From a distance or in photos they look pretty smooth but when you get a real up close look, breathtaking detail. I love the place.
I'm pretty sure all that there is to say on this has been said.

Good discussion guys, 12 pages is no small feat for such an inflammatory topic.
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