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Michael Jackson heart attack?

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They are reporting he wasn't breathing when the ambulances got there, but you never know with his publicity machine...


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never mind... now where is that digestive biscuit i lost down the back of the sofa earlier!
he's dead now apparently. And i STILL haven't found the digestive biscuit i lost!
whats worse, is there aint no sign of my biccy still! :(
i know my music history but never been into the mass hysteria of pop culture. I acknowledge what he's done but in the same breathe think to the genre's of music i listen to and follow there are far more important figure's. I'm a little sad that a 20th century icon has gone, but so many before him also have. I think what i'm trying to get at is he's done so little for such along time and made such a pleb out of himself that eventually he became a parody. You'd be very suprised who i have little or no time for as far as so called musical legends go. It's nothing to do with kudos, just to do with opinion. But we all know what opinions are like, don't we? lol!
Is it benediction? nah, just kidding! it was mj of course, its not a great reflection of how good an artist is though, it is however a good indicator of radioplay, exposure, P.R and public opinion. Pop culture. As it was pointed out on waynes world "led zeppelin didn't write music that everyone liked, that was left to the beatles"
me and my lass discussed this last night, him and madonna are the only icons since elvis, but i still don't care and i still haven't found the digestive biscuit i lost down the back of my sofa! Madonna i would actually be bothered about, believe it or not!
i'm not brain dead....oh..er...no... i'm wrong.... i am brain dead.... hurrah!
he never really had an impact on my life as it is, nor what i play as a musician. i didn't like his music or him at age 8 and i don't like it, or him now. I would have felt more of an impact maybe if he had. As i've said before, its a bit of a shame we've lost one of a generations 2 icons but thats about it. Btw great music is a subjective view and forcing a subjective view on to others is a bit brain dead in itself! So lets grow up a bit folks, its not an argument, no one is right, no one is wrong. its news and nothing else.
Did you find it yet?
nope, its a bit illusive is this digestive biscuit! How ever what i did find whilst thinking where i may have put it was 7 death metal bands in manchester for 10 quid! Sadly they didn't have my biccy either. :( the search continues........
1 - 9 of 168 Posts
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