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Michael Jackson heart attack?

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They are reporting he wasn't breathing when the ambulances got there, but you never know with his publicity machine...


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what a naturally gifted artistic talent gone to complete shambles & waste. it's sad but i think he might as well have been dead for the last 15+ years now living in anguish (surgery-addict, pill addict, fear of everything) & as an abused child (so he says) and child abuser ($22million payout for child abuse). tragic. RIP can't be more fitting.... hopefully he's more peaceful & purposeful in his next life. how could he not .. glen
i think his death has been driven, not a casualty. also, Sony Entertainment had a BIG, enormous, overwhelming role in the ruin of his life.
Nuno at some point GROWN ADULTS (and children too) need to take responsibility for themselves. For example, if he had issues being an abused child he need not go on Oprah (pity party from an enabler) but to therapy. Sony did not make him buy a pet Chimp & dote on it like a baby. Etc, etc...Sony did not force a $22+ million payout years ago, nor the countless other litigations he LOST over the past 2 decades. Nor did they cause the later 2005 sexual abuse public trial.

If anything Sony & music might have kept him out of jail, a state run mental institution or an earlier death. His addictions & problems on a welfare check plays out pretty poorly. Either way RIP... glen
jacko will be remembered as a tragic figure first & foremost. any other belief is denial pure and simple.

Warning of a hatchet job below so if you're a wacko zealot skip to the next post...

record breaking sales or whatever is irrelevant (he died $400 million in debt for the record). King of pop was spew to sell magazines & newspapers to dummies. Yawn.

BY ALL REPORTS the guy couldn't sing or dance yet had booked 50 shows to avoid losing the beatles catalog & total bankrupcy. In preparation of 43 rehearsals for this tour HE ATTENDED ONLY TWO. His drug abuse (and certain premature death) was an easy escape for him as those shows would have exposed him for the absolute fraud he was.

Not that he sang particularly well or anything to begin with, without MTV he'd be just another vegas freak side-show. He peaked with ABC (group effort) and leeched onto "music videos" to make himself an entertainer with nonsense like "moonwalking" and crotch grabbing (which is particularly interesting when you factor his sexual orientation & admitted sleeping with young/teen boys).

Then his enablers, execs, other musician & industry leeches like quincy jones looking for an instant hit collaborated for COOKIE CUTTER instant hits (promoted by SONY MUSIC that couldn't fail) that sold on name alone along with a stupid MTV video. Virtually none of which appeal to anyone anymore except people stuck in the past or wanting to be Tinkerbell themselves.

We all sin on various levels... but very few to the absolute low of abusing children. That is a line once crossed you can't return from. And thankfully jacko didn't return... glen
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