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Michael Jackson heart attack?

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They are reporting he wasn't breathing when the ambulances got there, but you never know with his publicity machine...


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Sounds like someone could use some lessons in music history.

One of the greatest artists the world has ever seen. Like his music or not, he made it time after time, and it made it to the top. Countless musicians and dancers were influenced by him. The musical world would surely be different without his music.

Acknowledging his talents won't ruin your shred pose. If anything, it will broaden your musical knowledge, and make you better. It's a time for everything. Now it's the time to say
As a father of 4, i agree, Glen said it earlier, 15 odd years without anything but repeated accusations (there is no smoke without fire)

I wont shed a tear, everyone mentions the Kids, i hate to say it, and be the realist, but they are 100% better off without him in their lives, now they can live a life worth living and breathe, do what other children do.

it's hard to separate the music genius that he clearly was, and the detached and downright bizarre person he actually seemed to become.

However some see him as almost a god, as such will not listen to the bad, only the good, your well entitled to that view.

I'll leave with the emotionless Jermain, who seemed to, well, not be very surprised or upset, RIP MJ or as many are speculating, he's got his feet up on an island without having to do the stressfull concerts and has all his money troubles sorted.

Hate me all you like, i'll never shy away from defending what i FEEL

Give me the name of anyone who you think deserves respect for what they have done. I'm sure you can dig up enough dirt to make them look worse than MJ. Charlie Chaplin, Mozart, Elvis, Hendrix. To most people they are legends in their own respect. If you want to look at the person instead of what they actually accomplished - you can't have many legends with your view.

What do you think people will remember in 2059? Oh, so much better this world would be if people would let go of all the hate. ;)
ignore this comment jem7rb mr euphor just likes being a ass,you say black he says white.hes well famous for it.
I see, so what I write is not my opinion, I just write it to be an ass. At least you think I'm famous. That's cool.

Kids these days...
awwww the little boy has spat his dummy out :) you just love to needle people ive noticed this a few times.what does euphor mean anyways is it swedish for ****forbrains lol.
Come back when you learn the difference between Norway and Sweden.
Try ****, MTV, newspapers. They speak of his legacy. A forum with brain dead shredders is not something to go by. ;)
Ignoring three decades of great music, and focusing on something that was not proven... Yes, to me that's silly. Silly can be ignorant, which is stupid. Someone will call stupid people brain dead. ;)
The child molester remarks aren't just coming from nowhere. When child after child makes the accusations after they were in bed with him only someone who is truly brain dead would choose to completely ignore it.
As some kids the right questions, and they'll tell you what you want to hear. It wouldn't be the first time it happened. Only the kids know what really happened, and they are more or less old enough to speak up. The only problem with that is that they could do it for exposure and get their 15 minutes of fame. Bad choice, of course. But it will give the MJ fans something to "defend" MJ with.

Poor parents accusing a very rich man for something he's paid his way out of before. Heck, for all I know he's guilty as a cat in a fishbowl. But it doesn't effect what he did musically, even less so before his guilt is proven.

For me it boils down to respect. I think I own one MJ CD. I can't say I'm a big fan. But I do respect him for what he has done for pop music.
Is OJ Simpson going to be remembered as a great running back or a murderer? He was also found "Not Guilty" as I recall.
What you call football, and hardly kick. Pfft! :p American football is not as global as music, thinking of followers. And a great running back. I have no idea what that means. Heck, I barely understand the sport. ;) I find music a lot easier to listen to. :)

Not trying to derail with a discussion about american football! If it were real football...

Edit: Hearsay your honor! Basing your opinions on gossip is allowed, but it seems strange to me. I guess some would say Malmsteen can't play guitar, just because he's said to be an ahole. I would focus on what he did musically. I'd say he sang pretty darn well too. Put him down if it makes you feel better. ;)
the innocent DONT PAY OFF people to the tune of millions.
The amount he paid would equal close to £5 for us, just to not waste time that could go into playing guitar and having fun. I would do it. I think most would. It's being done every day, but of course the amount of money is not as insane as with MJs case. Accepting the money could also be seen as "OK, since it wasn't exactly like that, we'll accept the money and take off before it's too late." Both could be true. We will know if we are meant to find out. :)

If his current record sales continue, he'll be out of debt soon. :D Hysteria...
Oh Vegard, gimme the RB, i still want to restore that swirl :p
Restore? Is it broken? :p

I've got a new main guitar, so the RB will be collecting dust in a closet, with no case - Yngwie style. ;)

If you confess to loving MJ, I might consider giving it to you! :D
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