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Michael Jackson heart attack?

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They are reporting he wasn't breathing when the ambulances got there, but you never know with his publicity machine...


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I'm gonna guess that it was barbituate abuse.
It's just sad that he leaves behind small children. And whats worse is the things that are gonna be heard by those kids.

His legacy will be Child Molestor, weirdo, drug abuser.
I am really saddened for his children and his family.
It's sad in the aspect of, who will his children turn to during this horrible time of their lives.
Oh, so much better this world would be if people would let go of all the hate. ;)
This world would be a better place if people didn't feel the need to take advantage of children.

At work to day I asked around 12 people what is the first thing that comes into their minds when they hear the name Michael Jackson.

All of the women said Great Entertainer.

EVERY MALE said Child Molestor.

I am not the person who left his legacy, he did.
I don't care for how he lived his life in the press, but I am ashamed by some of the horrible jokes I heard today.
Just came across this. A familiar face in there :)

Yea, at the 1:02 mark wasn't that the guy who sang "Don't worry be happy"?

Bobby something. ...........

So you're saying that he should be remembered as a child molester and not the king of pop that he was? That's a bit pessimistic don't you think?

I don't know if he is saying Michael should be remembered as a molestor.
But he definetly WILL be remembered as a child molestor.
Look, I don't know if he molested kids. All I know is that he didn't molest My kids. ;)

Also, people can't sit here and say that he will be remembered for his musical legacy, when Jemsite now has 6 PAGES of debate on him molesting kids.
If that is not an indicator of his legacy, I don't know what is.
Here is a copy of the court documents that pushed Michael Jackson to settle for $15 MILLION dollars in the 1993 Molestation case.


Here's a listing of items found during the raid on MJ's house, after he was accused of being a pedophile.

Just seems that where there is smoke there may be fire.
OMG, he had some porn and some art books. I hope they never raid my house, because if that's a smoking gun, I'll be going to prison for a very long time. [evidently not one piece of "evidence" was actually illegal]
Yea, but I dont think his porn had farm animals in em.
Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, I'll bet none of them owned a 3 Wolf 1 Moon Tshirt.
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