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Michael Jackson heart attack?

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They are reporting he wasn't breathing when the ambulances got there, but you never know with his publicity machine...


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My condolences to the family, and children; hopefully they can toss those masks and blankets and whatnot away now.
His legacy will DEFINTELY be that of a child abuser, drug abuser and freak. To think otherwise is totally naive. Mich called this one spot on. The hero worship will shine the brightest for days, but when that light dims, his enormous personality flaws will be all that remain. Not everyone is in love with the persona he loved to sell to people, and far fewer people bought it.
But again, I feel sad for the children who only knew him (and nannies) because HE REFUSED to allow them to have a mother in their lives. They are deserving of ALL the sympathy they receive. I really feel bad for them, and the family, but Michael - I wouldn't have trusted my kids with him for 2 minutes. And that has nothing to do with how much we all liked "A-B-C" by the Jackson 5. That was awesome, but it was just a damn song, that's it.
Here, check this out. Katt Williams, a very funny comedian, giving a perpective I can completely relate to. And the only thing I'll be surprised about when it comes out that drugs were the cause of death was that his family couldn't buy a more respectable outcome from the California coroners on the case.
I'm sorry he's passed away, but I think it will free the people around him to have more normal lives. His life was SO BIG, and so different from what anyone else would see as normal, that this will bring a freedom - however painful that freedom may be. My best wishes to all the survivors of the Michael Jackson effect.
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O.K. ask yourself this question, what do you think about when you hear the name Pete Townsend, great music, guitar ect. or was caught with child porn on his computer?
Everytime I see him now all I think about is the latter. It's definetly a stigma that glosses over everything else!!
Pete wasn't caught with child porn on his computer. He was arrested for visiting a website with child porn pics on it. He had signed up for a porn website that had pedophilic content, and turned himself into the police and newspapers when the police said they would be making a big arrest the next day. According to Pete at the time, he was writing a book or something about his own molestation as a child, and wanted to show the world that these porn sites could only operate at all because they were allowed to accept credit cards and charge them (which is true; banks keep a lot of these places afloat). So, whatever you think of his story or orientation, he wasn't 'caught with pictures', that was Gary Glitter ;)
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