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Milton Keynes Jam and BBQ?

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Just testing the waters on This, Be at my gaff, Bring beer, Guitars and Ampage (althou have access to a 2nd decent one) would anyone be willing? Interested? I know Gurj,Stu,Devo,Scott74 are all local and would prolly make it?

Would be a blast, of course any set-ups and pickups swaps, talk of modifications, Project ideas would be great fun to tackle as a group.


p.s. Post here, if enough people are interested i'll sort a date/time wehn it's most conviniant for all
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That sounds cool bro. Hardly need an excuse for a few bevvies ;) Count me in dude.

And congratulations to West Ham. It's good to see them back in the premiership and I've missed seeing Liverpool beat you :D and I know I'm gonna regret saying that! Dude, may be able to get you a ticket for the next time your lot come up to Anfield.
Jem7RB MK said:
Gary, be good to meet an age old friend ;) Gurj, last time i was at anfield i got arrested, somehow i got mistaken for a Yob? may have been the swearing and the fact a huge lot of evertonians turned up, think you can guess what happened, red army with a smattering of claret and blue, not something you see very often lmao

Hope ya Bro will come too. he's funny, and that "stuff" smelt way strong lol

Yeh that stuff was a little on the strong side! I normally go up to Anfield with my brother, but I may be able to get an extra ticket dude. NO getting arrested though lol ;)
Guys, I can give a lift to anyone living near me (Nuneaton, nr Coventry). Just get in touch and I'm sure we can sort something out :)
Steve, I'll bring my 2004 7vwh along with me.
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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