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Milton Keynes Jam and BBQ?

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Just testing the waters on This, Be at my gaff, Bring beer, Guitars and Ampage (althou have access to a 2nd decent one) would anyone be willing? Interested? I know Gurj,Stu,Devo,Scott74 are all local and would prolly make it?

Would be a blast, of course any set-ups and pickups swaps, talk of modifications, Project ideas would be great fun to tackle as a group.


p.s. Post here, if enough people are interested i'll sort a date/time wehn it's most conviniant for all
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excellent thanks! Its about time I found out whether I like these trems or not...

If people would like I can bring my JS-custom or Devo or my JS6000tr .... Not bringing the 2027 cause were just not getting along but may bring my 2020 :( ... can only bring one sooo... anyone got any preferences?
Hey Rob... dont think so.... me and the 2027 are not friends... despite months and months of trying... the 7 string thing is not doing it for me.... and my fecking arthritic left hand finger joints are killing me lately... so extra strings just means axtra pain... Im gonna sell it I think.... but I dont know what I want to replace it with yet... so it might be a while
Hmmmm, i might have a sweet trade in a few weeks time Steve ;) Just hold on to it for a wee bit longer :)

let me know what you got comming in and ill have a think
Ok !!!

This is gonna happen next year, Thats a definate, Possibly early in the year, Buy will post a few weeks in advance, Hope to get a few rare guitars on show for people to drool over, There will be the very rare American Master - Stone Finish and hopefully a rg7-1-vv :) a couple of JC's and a PMC (Gurj?) and i'm hoping a DNA ... So far plenty of nice wood to drool over :) I have planned some acoustics too, So if there's not enough ampage everyone can play, Oh and you can have any beer you like, As long as it's kronenburg :twisted:

Let me know What your Bringing, As i need to sort insurance for the day (it's around £1 for every £1000 for the day), Just in case !!! That way your dead mint GMC drops to the floor in a helicopter madness neck spinning freak accident, You'll get it repaired !!!

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