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Brief & Accurate Description of guitar: Ibanez AT300 Andy Timmons signature
Accessories: Ibanez J.Craft case
Location: Madrid, Spain
International OK?: Ok after receiving your guitar/amp or the money.
Contact Info: PM me here
References: 100% positive reviews in the biggest Spanish guitar forum. Tons of satisfactory trades.
Price: 1500 €
Condition: Mint condition. Almost not played with no dings or scratches. Frets totally new,everything original and in perfect condition.
Ask me for pictures, the guitar is dead mint.

If you are scared or something don't worry, I'm a very proactive user from the biggest guitar forum in Spain with 20+ transactions done without any single problem. I can send you my profile so you can check that you're safe buying from me. I want to trade my original, mint Ibanez AT300 for one of this things:

Diezel VH4 o Herbert
Mesa Boogie

If you're not interested hit me up with juicy trades or cash. This guitar is pretty rare in this condition! Thanks for reading this far!
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