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Hi everyone.

I have a modifed 1987, I think, Sabre for sale.
serial # F7*****
Rosewood Fretboard
HB/S/S config
EMG 89? (Splits from a humbucker to a single coil) in the bridge
an S and a SA single coil in the middle and neck postion
5 way switch
a "kill" switch in the lower horn
**Big MOD** the trem was removed the cavity filled with mahagony and a tune-0-matic bridge with fine tuners was installed.
The neck has a had the finished removed, and is now bare (no oil, etc)

All work was done by the 12thfret in Portland Oregon (A++ shop)

The body, and headstock has some dings, one all the way to the wood.
It has a small crack in the paint on each side of the neck. Clear coat only, not through the wood

It is red, but really needs a paint job
The fine tuners do have a fair amount of rust (probably could be cleaned up)
comes with a crappy gig bag and a black dimarzio clip lock strap

pictures upon request

Between purchasing the guitar off e bay, purchasing the new hardware, and the removal of the trem, I am into this instrument around 900.00

If you are looking for a hardtail sabre, this is it.
This sabre was made way prior to when the quality started going down,

535 shipped to the CON USA

I perfer paypal, but will accept postal money orders

For references my **** account is fizgig-99.

pm or e mail, [email protected], with any questions. Thanks! Tobe
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