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More FuFu
Written by Vincent

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Hello kiddies...

Here's another batch of Six String Fufu. This time it's just a bit heavier so fasten your seatbelts... Now I've never been proficient at playing guitar with the exception of the basic chords, but I've certainly got the Stratocast(air) strapped on... get it? :D I hope you dig it.

01 Days When We Are Free-Mashmakhan

02 Mr. Soul-Buffalo Springfield

03 Even Trolls Love Rock And Roll-Tony Joe White

04 Mona-Quicksilver

05 Cynthy-Ruth-Black Merda

06 Feelin' Alright-Rare Earth

07 Soul Soul Soul-The Wild Magnolias

08 I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing-Funkadelic

09 Biding My Time-Pink Floyd

10 Psycho Part 2-The Fabulous Mark III

11 The Devil Made Me Do It-Curtis Knight

12 Engine Number 9 (Part 1 & 2)-Wilson Pickett

13 Let The Sunshine In-Dennis Coffey

14 Juicy John Pink-Procol Harum

15 Hardcore Jollies-Funkadelic (bonus)

16 Go For Your Guns-The Isley Brothers

...and there's a surprise at the end.

Please download and enjoy More Six String Fufu, an mp3 file, 70 MB

If you'd like to have this as a zip file, I've posted it at Fufu Stew as part of my return after a brief real life inspired hiatus...

Thanks once again for inviting me into your cyberhome. I hope I haven't worn out my welcome :) Have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

For more great music combinations, head to Vincent's FufuStew.
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