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Sorry guys I'm completely fixated on finding this Lefty I played years ago....

Now according to the music store I played this guitar at it never exisited.Granted this was a few years ago, 91 to be exact.And when I gave them the model number there catalogs didnt list it."RG-770L" the color was Pink Salmon.

Now granted this had been some years ago.But my research shows in the copy of the Ibanez RG 1991 catalog there it is, the color Pink Salmon which noone has ever heard of.Makes me feel a little better, Im sure now my memory hasn't failed me. (http://www.jemsite.com/ibanez/catalogs/1991jpn/1991jpn_42.jpg)

I have to find this guitar again, it is my "holy grail" of guitars.So I can truly say Ibanez DID make a left handed RG 770. It may have been the only one, who knows.... Last seen in Omaha Nebraska in 1991 at the old Russos music store.
Please help me find this one!!!!!!
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