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Its been too long since my absence in here..years and years actually...
I have been a long time RG abuser... than took my experimentation full circle with all the industry standards models...learning first hand what i expected, that each is teh unique beast...ST, LP, T...
Yet, when it all sums up, i am using a fixed bridge RG :)))))

yet, since i have been out of the loop for quite a bit of time, and i am sure that folks around here would know...

What mechanism would you suggest for quick and efficient fr style tremolo blocking, most importantly to be convenient from going from fully blocked to fully floating...?
Ideally, to be able to do it the least painfuly , with no additional tools, almost on the fly...?

Hope you are all good in this most unfortunate worldwide crisis...!
Good luck to you and your beloved, fingers crossed!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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