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I'm moving to Florida and trying to ligthen the load. These are cash and carry prices. I will ship stuff but you need to cover costs associated with that. I will not ship the speaker cabinets and power amps, metro NYC and surrounding areas on these please. More willing to deal on price if you buy multiple items.

Power Amps:

Rivera TBR-5 HAMMER 320 Stereo tube power amp - Very hard to find very clean Rivera TBR-5 HAMMER 320 Stereo tube power amplifier. Has 2 inputs, 4 speaker outputs with selectable 4, 8 or 16 ohm impedance selectors, 2 recording outputs. Switchable between low and high output, triode or pentode operation with EL34s, KT88s or 6550s so this can provide the right sound and power level for virtually any application imaginable. I bought this new old stock from Rivera. It had literally been sitting new in box at Rivera for 20 years. It is loaded with the original EL34s. Very few hours on it. I will also include another quad of EL34s. Comes in a 4 space Anvil rack. $1350

VHT 2150 stereo tube power amp - Unit is very clean. Has a quad of Sovtek KT88s with low hours on them. Can run in mono or stereo. Each side has selectable 4, 8 or 16 ohm output impedence. Has 4 output jacks. Comes in a 4 space Anvil rack. $1200

You can see pics of the poweramps here:



4x12 slant black tolex with metal grill - 4 Celestion G12L-35s rescued from an early 80s Marshall that had seen better days. Cab is wired up to run in mono at 4 ohms or in stereo at 8 ohms a side. I think these speakers handle 35 watts like the model number implies so that's 70W a side or 140W total. EARLY breakup. Tone is super creamy. Ideal for recording, people with roommates or smaller gigs where you need that cranked sound but not that cranked volume level. $175

Pics here: http://richhorner.com/temp/legion/

Rivera Stereo 2x12 Ported with Slant Baffles - This is a very nice Rivera 2x12. It's ported so it would be great for bass or guitar. It has dual baffles slanted away from each other to enhance the stereo image. You can run it either in stereo or mono. Currently loaded with a pair of 16 ohm Vox Neodogs which are rebranded Celestion Century Vintages which are Vintage 30s but with a 4 pound magnet instead of a 10 pound magnet so the cab is very light. $325

Pics here: http://richhorner.com/temp/rivera/


FYI, I have tuners, nuts, Edges, etc... but I don't want to sell them outright. If you're buying a body and you also want to buy an Edge for it...

Ibanez RG520QS mahogany body with quilt sapele top and trans blue finish. Shows some wear around the edge but is a great looking body. I was going to pair it with th RG550 neck below. $85

Ibanez RG550 maple neck with bubinga stripe, maple board and all access neck joint - comes with tuners and locking nut. Looks kinda dirty but it plays great and it can be hard to get these maple boarded necks $195

Ibanez RG450 maple neck with a maple board and all access neck joint- I covered up the dots with a vine decal. You can remove the decal if you really hate it but I think it's pretty killer. $180

Ibanez RG350MDX maple neck with a maple board, all access neck joint and black shark teeth/shark fin inlays. Comes with a locking nut. I have an extra set of tuners that look like they fit. I think they're from a 500 series but the screw hole doesn't line up so... $130 without tuners, $160 with tuners

Ibanez style swirl JEM body - poplar with an all access neck joint, monkey grip, claw route and a sick swirl. It probably needs some clear coating. I don't think Ibanez has ever made a body out of poplar with an all access neck joint $80

I also have a white JEM style body that some jerk in Brooklyn sold me. It looks good but the dimensions are wrong so I had to redrill to attach a neck and it won't fit an Ibanez pickguard very well. I'll throw it in for free if you buy one of the necks and are local.

Pics of this stuff here:


Yamaha 01X - The cousin to the legendary Yamaha 01V and the 02R, the 01X is a digital mixer with effects, fader automation and recall. The firewire/mLAN no longer works on this unit but mLAN is a dead technology so it doesn't really matter anyway. Still works as a great standalone mixer with effects and session recall. $99

Pics here:


Also have a bunch of tubes that I don't have time to catalog. Let me know what you're looking for.

I have two 12" speakers that produce no output. I have no idea why. One is a Sheffield 1200 that some idiot threw in a box with some peanuts and sent to me and then it didn't work when it showed up. The other is an OEM Eminence that was dead in a 4x12 when I bought it. Each speaker was rated at 8 ohms. $FREE (local pickup only)

My PM box tends to fill up so you're probably better off emailing me directly:

rich AT richhorner DOT com

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Forgot to mention previously that I have a Dimarzio Steve Morse bridge (DP200) model humbucker that's black/green that I would either like to sell with the swirl body or before selling the swirl body as I don't have any other guitars that I could put a black/green pickup in. I'm looking for $40 or I will trade it for a differently colored DP200 like all black. Thanks.
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