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MP1 Setup

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Hey guys I'm on about a $500 budget here. I was thinking on an ADA MP1 (standard) a Marshall 8008 power amp and some cabinet not sure. Any recommendations on the cab or on any piece of gear for that matter.

Keep in mind I'm upgrading from a cube 60 so I'm not expecting a miracle within this budget. Looking for a smooth yet vintage type powerful distortion. Cleans aren't that important tbh lol

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Don't know about the prices there, but i'd try to look for a used Peavey 50/50 of 60/60 power amp. They are quite affordable and a lot better than the solid state 8008.
Go to GC and spend some quality time with a VOX Valvetronix before you buy anything. You might be surprised.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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