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My 1st Guitar Project! RG to JEM!

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I have finally decided I am gunna start a JEM project, im gunna buy a beat up RG sand it down, blowtorch it and stain it! = BSB :). Do you guys know where I can find info to help me on my way, any of you done something like this before?? I have had a look at project guitar and thats really helpfull but I want your ideas etc.
Also, if I did that, would you agree finishing it in tung oil would be a good idea??
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There use to be a topic about that finish on here before the crash. You might want to try a search here, or check projectguitar.com, I know I saw it there some time ago.
RG's go for good prices on the bay, check there.
Good luck and post pics when your done!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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