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Hey everyone thank you very much for the kind words. I'm really excited about this guitar. My day yesterday was one of those crappy days and then I got the email with these pictures which pulled me right back up and further up there. Pretty much all my friends got emails and text messages with the pics. Call me crazy but hey when I get excited about something I geek out like crazy with a big giant F U I don't care cause I am crazy.

Like I said I love seeing new swirls and it's even better when it's your own.

Sorry for the geek out session here. Thanks again everyone.

I'll keep you all updated on this along with asking for some advice on some stuff.

On that note I'm thinking of Breeds or an Evo II which I do have them in my DNA inspired guitar. I'm torn with which bridge pickups and neck combo.

For the pickup color options I'm thinking either solid whites or maybe a white and blues for the humbuckers and blue for the single if thats possible.

I'm going to do some photoshop. =)
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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