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My First Gig!!!!!

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My band CRANKY BUDDHA has it's first gig coming up 16 July!

I'm really excited as I haven't played and sung live in front of a real audience for almost 8 years now. I've developed mild carpel tunnel in my right wrist and general rsi in both wrists from working on pcs all day (recovering slowly) so my guitar playing isn't real hot (read cannot solo very well at all right now) but I'm still pumped for this!

We are a three piece that plays a mix of punk/hardcore/metal. Especially with my injury it's mostly power chord rock, but it's still great fun.

Sorry had to post something I'm really excited about this one. Since I last played a real gig as I haven't been my full self and finally it's all coming back. :D
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Cool, i had my first gig 2 weeks ago, only after playing in a vand for 1 1/2 weeks, went ok, but had a lot of fun, best part is getting the crowd to mosh in front of you to your muisc, :)

Good Luck!
Yeah well i'm hoping people will get in to it. We are the opening band so i'm not expecting too many people to have arrived when we play. I remember when I used to play live people wouldn't really get up unless you were fairly well known. regardless of how good your music/perofrmance was. Hope this has changed, but I doubt it.
yeah, people dont really get up unless you play a popular song, my band has had 3 gigs now, with a 4th one coming on 3 weeks, and were a cover band (I hate this), and we open shows, and it sucks that people only look at us when we play metallica....
well it went down well, we had a few people watch us, the other interstate bands dug us. I left early as I was not well on the night, but the other guys said that a few of the audience members told them they dug it.

We do have a couple of covers in the set. First one was a punk'd up version of sweet Child of Mine. that went down well! I played the first two notes of the intro and people went nuts! I made sure I didn't even mention the song, just said it was a cover and people might know it! We also cover Countdown to Extinction. Not as many people know that one. This was played fast too.
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