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Thought you folks would dig this:


Feel free to post the link on any other forums you think may be interested. I love this kind of interview and you don't hear this kind of detail too often.

Here's a snippet:

Me: Did you use the new pickups much on the new CD?

JP: It's all of the new CD. All of it. In fact Steve [Blucher, DiMarzio] came in and once we nailed it… he actually, at the beginning at the sessions, a lot of times I'll ask him to do something because I want to hear what it'll do. And he'll say "You're not gonna like it, but I'll do it," and we'll just do it. Or he'll say "Try this out," and in doing that you kinda eliminate all the mental chatter. It gets rid of all those questions. You say "I tried all that stuff, and this works." So we did a bunch of that in the studio, but once we were like, "This is great, I love it," Steve so kindly came in and changed all the pickups out of my guitars. Out of all the guitars - and I have a lot. I have an A rig and a B rig, and he changed them all out. So he was changing like crazy.
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