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My Legacy crackles

I agree with the "stanby" solution. I would also replace the power tubes as well. Being that it's used, you really have no idea how hard the amp was ridden. Tubes are pretty cheap and it's a quick remove/replace if you buy the same tubes. Try to get them matched, but I have found this isn't as important as it sounds. If you decide to change the tube type (i.e. 6L6's to EL34's), the amp will need to be re-biased. I don't own a Legacy (yet) so I don't know if they have a bias switch. My Ampeg VT-120 had a bias switch for 3 different tube types. Pretty cool amp. Anyway, do those 2 things and you should have a rockin' amp for a long time to come.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts