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I just picked up a used Legacy combo. I'm pretty stoked about the tone I get out of it, but...

When I first turn the amp on, it crackles and pops quite loudly for a minute or so. During this time, you can hear the guitar coming out through the speakers. After the snapping and crackling stops, the guitar comes out twice as loud. After that, it's usually very well behaved. I was gonna replace all the tubes in it, but I thought I'd run it by y'all before I go spend a small fortune on glowing bits of glass.

I've also noticed that I pick some local radio station through it. Anyone else have this problem?

Killer amp, nonetheless.

Hello there..... My VL100 is doing the same thing. I replaced V1 and it went away for 3 days. Fired it up last night, and that same issue you described is happening to my amp. I'm thinking power supply caps? Sometimes the radio plays through the amp. I'm actually going to be putting it up for sale, if anyone interested. It's going cheap. Back to a Peavey 5150II for me!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts