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Hi Krizz! :) here they are:

Wizard Prestige neck = little thick than my RG450 1992 model

5pc. maple/ walnut neck material

Basswood body

24/jumbo frets

Rosewood fingerboard

Edge Pro bridge - Not good like my old EDGE

DiMarzio IBZ (H) neck pickup

DiMarzio IBZ (S) mid pickup

DiMarzio IBZ (H) bridge pickup - More Highs than My EVO bridge -
this is a very Good

Pearl dot inlay

Chrome hardware

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Ozzdoc said:
ah nice how much that thing cost?

I jsut check some of your your mp3's right now and as people have said your a very nice player, i like your tone a lot. I like Manifesto so far, you said you started at 17 so how old are you now?
Thank you!

Here is one of my unfinished songs :)


Regards Dimitar

28 year old guy :(

;) hahaha
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