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My new Kinder surprise Jem (long)

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I just brought a Jem for $450 US the neck is off a 97 7vwh so it has the ebony board and scolloping and AANJ all the things I love and the body is off a pre 1990 777VBK that has been painted white and been modified to have an AANJ, some sort of filla must have been used because the shape is just like an original

Q1) In regards to the added AANJ has Steve done the same thing to Flo??

The hardware is all black and the whammy is an original edge so the guitar looks like PIA or Evo which is pretty cool (I'm guessing the hardware is original to the 777VBK.) I love how well this guitar stays in tune and how easy and smooth the edge trem is and how easy it is to shred, my other guitars include a Les Paul standard and customshop cunnetto fender strat so I havn't had a floyd for over 7 years.

The pickups sound like Evolutions and have white bobbins they say Dimarzio made in USA on the bottom with a round green sticker but no model name on them. The single has a large magnet on the bottom.

Q2) Is there a place I can go to see the bottom of the different Jem pickups so I can find out whats in there.

The guitar also has a mod switch between the vol and tone control that split the buckers into singles but it's not wired up.

Q3) Should I rewire the mod to split the humbuckers or put a piezo in for accoustic sounds anyone have opinons on how these mods sound.

Now the bad stuff the neck pocket fit is really bad, I'm talking credit card gap on the larger horn side and this really guts me the guitar is quite stable and has been used heavily by it's previous owner for a long time (Played it on stage with Joe Satch apparently) but I want to fix it.

Q4) Is there anything I can do to fix this neckjoint to make it super tight eg add wood shims etc

Q5) Is it better to just buy a replacement body (I would prefer Alder rear loading with the pickups mounted direct rather than a Basswood front load with pickups mounted to the guard so there are added benefits to changing bodys and if I trade in the old body it may be a cheap option.)

Q6) If I get a new body should I go white or go custom colour DNA copy or something and how much do replacement bodies cost.

Last off did I pay to much for this guitar ($750US) it has lots of chips etc but I love it.
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Could you post some pictures please .... id like to see this guitars .... just curious ....

Thanks :D
I would love to can you tell me how to host (sorry I'm new) or if you want them quicker can I email them to someone.
Oh yeah it would be fine ..... [email protected]
To post pictures I dont know .... When I'll get the pic I'll try to ask your questions ....

Hey Cedric I've sent the pictures I only sent two, hope they are not to big I know nothing about computers.
First thing if you change the body ... then sell it to me .... really ....
Sure thing i'll email you if I end up getting a new body I'm in New Zealand so I'm not sure how much postage will be.
Q2 : I dont really know maybe www.dimarzio.com

Q3 : Depends on what you wanna do with this guitar ! If you want a 7vwh then put everything out get a wiring diagrams of the jem 7vwh and wire it back ....

Q4 : For the neck questions and can not tell ...send me somes pictures ...

Q5 : Like I said above if you want to sell the body then sell it to me a buy another one on EvilBay ....
I dont think that somebody would trade his 7vwh alder body .....

Q6 : Dont do a DNA They look great but stay in the vwh line....

750 USD is a good deal . If you want to sell everything thinks of me ;)


PS : Hope I helped you a little ....
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New zealand is not far from New Caledonia look at yours map world :D
Oh i forgot to tell you .... Your guitar look great ! just write Flo on it and put a sustainer and you are good to go !

Thanks I've resized and resent all of the pic's for you so you can see the gap in the neck joint it's not huge but my custom shop strat is super tight and I like it that way. I'm going to get some quotes form a custom handmade guitar maker to see if he can make me a body.

Q3) the wiring is standard now and the dip switch is sitting there doing nothing so I thought I may as well use it to split the hums or but in a piezo.
I believe (that's just me) that you will have to route the body to put the piezo ... Just like for a sustainer there is some pictures on www.vai.com the guitar is Pia it has been fited with a piezo and you can see on the back the cavities.... and as far as i know you 'll maybe have in some case to put a second jack , but i'm not really sure . I never took a good interest in piezo things ....
What I suggest you its to buy a brand new pickguard on evilbay .... and swap it
I now live in London still haven't done anything with my Jem.

Are there pre made Alder Jem bodies for sale in London???
I would love to can you tell me how to host (sorry I'm new) or if you want them quicker can I email them to someone.

Just load the pics / copy and paste the link.

Let's see some closeups of this AANJ conversion;)
I've lost the photo's I'll take some more, mean while this was my shredhead guitar before the Jem


Hope I did it right???




Thanks JJEMMER777 now how do I get really flash and post the picture directly into the Post??

Well the guitar is a player was owned by some famous NZ guitarest who played with Satch and has a few solo records out but I forgot his name.

The gap really bugs me but I like how the guitar looks like EVO I just have to add a few minor details and bang it up some more. It's my bedroom guitar and it was dirt cheap so I don't want to invest to much into it.

Do the Jem single coils have a huge magnet on the back of them like the early squires had?? I'm not sure what pickups I have in the guitar.
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Hmmmmm....conversion doesn't look too bad at all.

Paste the link with the
Wow, it doesn't look too bad, the paint is a little rough and it does look like it's been played alot. Nicely done though. :)
You're sure that this wasn't an aanj body initially? It could also be a sanded and repainted dbk body or something like that.
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