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Well i wanted something I could mod the crap out of and not really worry about breaking anything. So I had a D-Sonic laying around and thought it needed a home. So with a little thought I decided to get one of the OLP Petrucci guitars, and change all the crap out for good stuff. So I got the other half of the pickup combo the Air Norton, some graphtech saddles and a nut, Sperzel trim-loks, new push/pull Dimarzio pots, Switchcraft toggle switch and jack, etc. It's turning out pretty cool so far. The guitar is pretty decent for the price. Not the best made thing in the world, but doesn't feel like it's gonna fall apart either. The body is VERY comfortable and the upper fret access is unbeatable. The neck is small, thin and comfortable (with a little fret end filing). It's almost done. I just have one of my pots on backorder and then it needs to be wired up. Here are some pics.

The before pic

The parts

New saddles


Dimarzios :)

Waiting on wiring
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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