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Well it's a bit late for NGD for this one....I got it a few weeks ago...But I'm so stoked to finally have one. These guitars are EXTREMELY underrated.
This is the exact model that Carlos Cavazo used in Quiet Riot in the 80s.

Just had it setup and went up a string gauge...but now the brass nut is creaking...not sure whether I should drop back to .009s or try to find someone to file the nut grooves for me.

It's a full neck-thru, Ash body w/ maple top, 3 piece rock maple neck, ebony fretboard, brass nut and fret markers, factory humbuckers with coil splitting, wooden truss rod cover and back plates!!! Gloss black with black binding and gold pin striping all around. I've swapped the Fender style knobs for the original speed knobs.

There is a small repair job just in front of the first tuning peg, other than that, this thing is immaculate and plays BEAUTIFULLY!!! The coil splitting really works and produces an amazing array of sounds.

The only downside is that it's too small for my big hands, but still fun to play around with and a great collector piece. Picked it up for $400 with the OHSC!!! Barganza!!

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