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My review of the jem77 brmr...

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yesterday a 7brmr came to the local store, i was called by my friends who work there and went to try it.

1st, i saw it looked really nice, but personally speaking, not as nice as a vwh.
checked the finishing it was really nice.

the new neck didnt feel as smooth as the old one piece neck.

i played on the guitar using the roland cube 30 amp, which is an amazing amp.
the harmonics came out fine the guitar played like a dream, however there was something missing, somthing called a soul, the guitar was just there delivering the notes but it was somehow cold! :S

i unplugged it, grabbed a 7vwh, and my oh my, that guitar sang so beautifully.
nothing justifies the price of the mirror jem, its listed for 2600:$ in the store.
it wasnt like the brmr had a different color, it simply didnt have a color at all!
while the 7vwh and universe 777bk are beasts of their own.
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Well I go there on the summer holiday :D. Im actually Lebanese just living in the UAE ;P

Mozart Chahine in Antelias? Wheres that?

I remember checking the one in Hypermarket but they closed down or something. Then I checked Virgin Megastore and they didnt have any signature models. :/
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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