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Yeah so my little jack russel name Zeppy after led zep just ate a balloon, theres a bit of a funny story to it. Ok me and my brother had a few partys and at them were, you guessed it, Balloons! so what he'd do was go around and play with them for a bit and then try to pick them up, only that dogs pick up things with their TEETH! so they pop. and i just figured this was good fun for him and he didnt seem to mind untill recently when i got a ballon out for some reason (cant remember what) and he was really afraid of it. so i showed him a deflated baloon and how not scary it is. it was working, i blew it up a bit and it was still good. Then i blew it up to about the size of your hand and after a while he popped it. and ate it. so i was wondering if he will just crap it out or will i need to have him taken to the vet. I think rubber shhoud be digested easily because he once ate a rubber and he was fine. so, any suggestions would be welcome.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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