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looks like hes chopped a bit off the headstock, sharkfinned the neck, changed the pickup (maybe all of them its hard to tell in that pic!!) and got a new pickguard (that or hes lopped a bit of the old one and painted it black!!!) and given it a lick of silver paint!
i actually quite like that, whats it loaded with pup wise?

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-Painted it mirror grey (but the color got solid when I applied the clear coat)
-Re-Shaped the headstock
-Added EMG to bridge
-Added "drone" hum to neck
-Re-shaped volume and "drone" tone pots (volume is the farthest from EMG)
-Re-made the pickguard with lower horn cut off (I might get a shiny one with horn back on and one pup config)
-Routing for EMG and battery inside (came out awfull, :))
-Painted hardware black
-Scalloped frets 13-22
-Painted glow in the dark sharkfins (I messed up here, i should of done it first with white THEN the glow in the dark paint)
-Added an Aztec Eagle to headstock
-locked the tremolo

I was going for a JEMDBK type finish (ruggedy) so I did it to the back of the guitar, I think it came out awful, so I stopped that idea...

Still have some things to do to it....but it plays wonderful, (\m/)

Thanks for looking at my monstrousity....:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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