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You ever take on one of those projects that seems like it drags on for years and years, always changes a bit, and never quite gets done? Well, a few years ago I started working on a website for my home studio, and it's been one of those long, drawn-out projects that I didn't think I'd ever finish. But this morning, under the influence of a pot of Millstone, I took the last round of pictures, retouched the bloody hell out of 'em in Photoshop, and cranked out a bunch of HTML.

Here's the result:

Most of the cool pictures are under "Collections" and "Guitars"... Although I don't have any Ibanez's any more, I did post individual & group pictures of my entire Ibanez collection from a couple years back for your general enjoyment. :)

Now with the website complete, my next "project" for the week is recording full versions of a half dozen demo tracks I've recorded over the past few years. So with any luck, I'll have a bunch of new MP3's by the end of the week!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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