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My version of For The Love.....

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Everybody's throwing up there version of For The Love Of God
Here is my cover of this great song.

Recorded with my trusty Jem BFP

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Thanks sir, I'm just in your neck of the woods I'm up in Placervlle!
Just good mate! I like it. But I have to say I'm not crazy on your tone. :) Keep 'em coming!
Yea that was an old recording, I was using my old gsp processor and had no mixer, now I'm using a pod 2.0 It's all you need for a processor.
actually not bad but the tone isn't really nice but really nice playing
like said before Not the greatest tone, little to trebly, but good playing.
Hard to get past the tone. yeeech. get rid of the chorus for starters. Then turn your gain down. then roll off some of the delay.

Overall playing is good, but the phrasing isn't quite right on the melody.

BRO, not bad, next time do some of your own music like a Vai style, i would like it more & maybe some of the bro's here will enjoy it as well, give it your best shot!
Cheers- Jake.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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