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One advantage of getting older: you typically have a much better job than you did when you were a kid, and can afford the toys you always wanted.

I have wanted a 5150 since they were released. I was 12 years old at the time. I could barely put my hands around a neck, or play a chord, let alone save enough money to buy one of these, but my hero, EVH, had finally made an amp and a guitar, and I wanted them.

As I got older, my talent increased, as did my equipment needs, financial status, and capabilities. Before I knew it, I had an EVH Gear Wolfgang. Holy sh*t, I actually have one of *his* guitars.

By this point, however, it wasn't for the name, it was for the fact that it sounded good, and felt amazing. I played over 60 guitars before I settled on mine, and I didn't care who made it or whose name was on the headstock. To this day, 4 years later, my EVH Gear Wolfgang Special remains the most comfortable guitar I have ever played.

Now, I am a bedroom player. I have skills, and I have decent chops, but being in a band is just not something I ever wanted. I was perfectly fine with remaining a bedroom player, playing my Line 6 X3 Live into my Peavey Envoy...

Until the 5150 Overdrive was released.

It was at the point where I tested one of them that I fully realized the shortcomings of my amp.

Growing up around Solid State and a Line 6, your ears do get used to the way things sound, processed. Being a bedroom player, it made sense money-wise, too. This was "good enough for me." Besides, I wasn't gigging, and the "only people who should be playing through tubes are people in bands. It's too much amp for what I'm doing, and I'm not going to use it to its full potential."

But I was hit in the face with a 2 Ton Hammer of Truth, and that truth was: my amp sucked, the same as it had always sucked, and was the wrong tool for the job for what I was trying to accomplish.

Now, the beauty of the Line 6 is that you have so many options, and can experiment with stuff you could never even play easily, let alone afford. But my reality is pretty simple: I wanted to spend less time tweaking, and more time playing. I just wanted to sound good, bedroom or not.

There is truly something very sobering and pure about going from every option in the world to: Guitar ---> Amp.

I researched every other high gain contender in the market, including the other amp I have always coveted, a Mesa Trip-Rec.

The EVH sounds good.

It's relatively inexpensive compared to other amps.

It doesn't have a million knobs.

It's versatile.

It's coming from a man and company I trust in terms of quality.

What more could I ask for?

The cabinet took forever to get in. I had been watching all the big box stores, daily, to see if one came in, signed up to all mailing lists to let me know when it was, even emailed Fender directly, and based on what told me, I truthfully believe I was lucky enough to get one of 2 1x12 cabinets that Fender has produced since at least February, which is what I have been waiting on for so long. I know I could have gotten the 2x12, but it would have been just too much.

I haven't had much time to tweak it, as I only got it last night and only had about 90 minutes to play it, but the thing flat out sounds good. It's actually difficult to get it to sound bad, and I know its gonna sound even better once the speaker breaks in, and once I get MY tone dialed in.

Most pics I see are of the 2x12 and 50w head in Ivory. I just really wanted to remain "classic," and get what was right for me, which is black. It seems like in doing that I wound up getting something relatively unique.....and I couldn't be happier. :)


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amen to that!
I'm pretty much in the same situation, married with 2 small children.
My playing time is very limited, let alone gigging or just having a good time with a real band.. it's not even in my dreams anymore.
but for amp, I do insist on tube.
so today, the mini version of all famous amp is the one I should go with.

I'm now having laney ironheart studio.
but highly considering peavey valveking 20 MH and jetcity JCA22H.
I'm with you, bedroom player or no.. tube amp is a must.
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