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Naylor SuperDrive 60 (1996 Eastpoint MI era) 2x12 combo cabinet- JUST THE CABINET AND SPEAKERS WITH ROAD CASE ***NO AMP*** - $600 (It is the one pictured with the electronics pulled from it and not a seperate 2x12 cabinet - the road case alone cost over $300). Also, if you have a pre 1998 SD60 head cab (preferably black) I'd knock $200-$300 off of the trade. They are $300 new.



Fulltone Choralflange (no longer made) $150

Maxon DS-830 Distortion Master $120
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble $50

MXR Phase 100 $75

PRS McCarty bridge/treble pickup $40

Everything is 100% guaranteed working properly. Call or email for more pics and specifics. One last thing just to be clear about the Naylor, I'm selling the 2x12 combo CABINET with speakers and road case. NOT THE AMP. I'm removing the amp to put it in a head cab because I only run it through my Hiwatt 4x12. Lugging around a 2x12 and a 4x12 to gigs sucks pretty hard.

Mike Glover - [email protected]

- 616-635-3743
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