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It's definately gonna happen.
The building is huge and has plenty of luxuries most amp/guitar feats don't.
I'm in the process of talking to some small builders and amp companies to get things spiced up.

I'll be posting pictures and more info asap!
There may be a raffle as well and no cost to forum members.

Btw amps coming include
-Bogner-Mesa-Fender (including vintage)-Fuchs-Koch-Randall-Marshall-Splawn
-Jems-Caparison-Fender custom shop-Gibson-Zion-Gretsch-

and^ those are all attendees that signed on in the past two days

keep it coming guys

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A partial list of amps.
-Fuchs Viper 100
-Laney vhr100
-'77 marshall jmp
-Marshall 1974x
-Landry Ls-100
-Fuchs ODs
-Divided by thirteen ldw
-Badcat lynx
- Mesa stiletto
- Mesa triple recto
- fryette sig x
- Vht ul
- Koch twintone 50
- carvin legacy
- Fja modded 5150
- fender bassman
- germino club 40
- vox ac30
and many many more.
Vendors so far include Zion guitars, Tophat amps and more
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