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Well...the thing is that sometimes necks that will eventually be bad aren't bad when they get bolted to the guitar and shipped from the factory. If you buy from a warehouse then there really isn't a chance that the guitar will be checked at that midpoint between arriving at your door and leaving the factory. So if an issue does arise, your best chance of trouble free playing is to have an experienced tech check it out before it gets to you, and make the correct adjustments to it. After that, your best bet is to get an experienced tech to check it out once it arrives. Expecting the guitar to be properly setup when it comes out of the box new is really expecting too much; it's not going to happen on a guitar that is mass produced. To get it perfect so that the guitar itself isn't a hindrance to your playing is going to require someone spend some time to make necessary adjustments to it, especially in the case of a guitar with a locking bridge. If you get one from Rich, he does that for you (as well as some other things, he's thorough). If you buy from a warehouse, you'll need to get someone else to do it or attempt to do it yourself. Having been a player myself for close to 35 years now, I can't stress enough how unbelievably annoying it is to try to play a guitar that isn't properly setup.
Is there a big chance you'll have a major issue? No. Is there any chance? Certainly. Is there a chance the guitar will be perfect from the factory? No. :lol:
If you get a guitar from Rich it wouldn't be an issue; you'd never see the neck with an issue and whatever might need to be addressed as far as warranty repairs or dealing with Ibanez or distributors would happen behind the scenes and you''d never even ever be aware of it. Frets that hung over would be filed; everything that might piss off a gigging pro would be fixed before you ever saw it.
Another thing to consider is that most of the big warehouses require a credit card if you don't walk in the door with cash as well. Basically, if you're cool with just getting something and playing it no matter you'll be fine buying from anyone or anywhere. If you want a guarantee your guitar will be completely issue free and perfect when you open the case then you deal with whatever you need to and you buy from Rich. I don't mean to make this sound like a commercial for Rich, but you will be less disappointed in what you see when you open her case for the first time if you properly level set your expectations.

What country are you in?

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