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Neck Specs - 1 piece and 3 piece Necks

Ibanez Neck Specifications

One-piece and Three-piece Necks

Brown Wood Rectangle Wood stain Flooring

The original JEM/UV (and RG, USA Custom ) necks are one piece maple.

The quartersawn maple strip (see cut diagrams) is one solid piece and is joined just before the nut to the separate maple headstock. The cut of wood is important, since the quartersawn maple provides a stronger and more stable slab of maple which to construct the neck from.

Wood Rectangle Floor Brick Flooring

Newer JEM (and Ibanez RG, J-Custom ) necks are three piece maple.

The dark bubinga strip (see arrow) is sandwiched between two strips of maple. This creates a strong neck, while allowing for various grades of wood to be used. The hard bubinga strip helps eliminate the natural twisting or curling of wood.
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