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Need help about guitar!!!!!!!

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So there's this guitar I'm thinking of buying. I think it's a ?93? RG 570. The thing is on this guys picture, it looks like there's no backplate for the input jack. I own a 91 RG 550 and it has a plate for it. Did they change something between 91 and 93? Also it looks like it has a Les Paul style input jack that has the four screws and all that, and my RG 550 has a flush mount jack which I really prefer. Any help please. Are those feature standard on '93 models or what? Also It's green and I don't know if that's a 93 model color. It's serial number is F321267. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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I kinda need this info quick before the ship sails on this guitar! Thanks
That serial number should be from a 93 model, but after looking at the catalogue for 93 the only two RG's I see advertised as green are the RG770, and RG470. If it has a Lo Pro Edge it should be the RG770, if it has a Edge trem it's a RG470. Sorry can't help you with the specs :wink:
1993 with Edge and side-plate mounted jack would be an RG470.

Still a good guitar, MIJ at the time. :)
What would the difference between them be other than the plate? It has an edge and everything is it just that less time was put into the fit and finish?
I really don't think there is that huge a difference besides the trem.....and I doubt the finishes were done any different...... or given any special treatment. Don't think you'll be dissapointed with a 470 especially since it is Edge equipped!
Do you think with some work I'll be able to get it to play as good as my edge equipped 91 RG550?
yeah probably, they are good guitars, after a few tweaks and probably a good setup it will play simular to your 550
sure you can with a little work and a good setup
Thanks alot guys. I'm debating between the RG 470 and an RG 550 that is for the same price but comes with a case. The only reason I might want the 470 over the 550 is because the 470's rosewood board goes way better with the paint scheme I'm thinking of than the maple board. Would I be able to dye or stain the maple black or dark brown or something like that if I needed to? Any opinions on which one you'd go for and why are welcome! Thank you.
dye a maple board? hard work. you'd need to sand it right back through the finish, which would mean a refret.

better option might be to trade the maple neck with a rosewood. there's always a bunch of people on here reminiscing over maple.

in fact, i'd swap you a new 320 neck with rosewood for your maple!
the hole restaining thing is quite a bit of trouble and money, i would look for another neck, like damo7v said.

The 550 has an edge and the 470 has a lo trs, (i belive) . The edge is a way better trem than the lo trs and it would be worth it to trade out necks on the 550.
A 1993 RG470 would have an Edge trem, not a TRS. The difference between it and an RG5xx that year was that the 470 didn't have the slanted heel(this is old heel here) and the plate mounted jack. A 1993 RG570 would have a LoPro Edge and a Barrel(flush with rear plate) jack.

I would guess the 'cost cutting' would be the Edge instead of LoPro, less routing on the body, and the cheaper jack?

Also keep in mind that you can't put a modern(after 1994) AANJ neck onto an old heel(pre-1994) body.
The thing was I was planning on doing a refret and sanding the neck anyway. Do they make any dark tung oils or something like that? The thing about trading is that the neck's headstock is sanded so it wouldn't be worth much.
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