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Need help, is this real?

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Hey guys, hope you dont mind me asking for help on this but its such an expensive guitar I want to make sure before I purchase anything. I'm in the market for a 2011 J Custom and found this on ebay:

Its a respected seller with high ratings, and the gutiar certainly looks high quality and very nice. But one of the pictures clearly shows the back of the headstock and I dont see a j team stamp or serial number of any kind, its completely blank. That doesnt seem right to me, what do you guys think? Maybe the 2011's have the serial somewhere else? I really wouldnt know, thats why I'm hoping one of you will know. Thanks guys :p
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On a side note I checked out ibanezrules.com first because one of you recommended him as the best place to buy used Ibanez and feel confident in its authenticity, however he doesnt have anything like what I'm looking for at the moment, at least not anything in really good shape....
LOL how did I miss that?? I swear I looked at every guitar on there and didnt see it. Thanks!
Just emailed you, thanks!
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