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Need help with transforming my RG7321 to a JPM

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First of all, glad to join this community! been reading since 2010 but registered just now.

So, I got myself a used 2006 RG7321 loaded with X2n & Air Norton.

The thing is I want to put a JPM-like sticker on it, and for that I need your help with one of two things;
  • A vector 1:1 ratio outline of the body so I can create a sticker on my own (will share it later of course).
  • If anybody done that before on this body - I'd love to share or even buy the file.

By the way, I'm pretty sure this thing has been asked dozen of times - searched for it and couldn't find.

Thanks in advance.


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I've made one myself, attaching the file for anyone who might need it in the future.

This is not 100% accurate, yet a good start point.


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