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need informational help.

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I just today picked up a used RG220 for a $150, got some scratches and one good dink in the finish on the backside of the lower horn, lucky it was just the finish, and did not dent the wood, as I will want to be getting it refinished possibly, Here is my question, I can't make out what the serial number means, I would like to know what year it was made, etc. Can anybody help me decipher this? serial number is, RG 220 C8027688 made in Korea. Thanks to anyone who can help.JCA
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Thank you all for your assistance, from what I can tell it looks like '98 for the yaer, so that pretty much answers my main question, I need another guitar like I need a friggin hole in the head, but what the hell, seemed like a decent price, I think the kid's grandma bought it for him, and he didn't have any interest, his loss, my gain. I added it to my small arsenal, Jem7vwH, and Jem777dy. I think I am going to do some routing on the trem cavity and have a lo pro installed, and leave it de-tuned for the likes of Bad Horsie, once again thank you all, Mods please delete this thread as I have found the info I needed.
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