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need neck pickup advise

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well i have an air zone currently in the neck on one of my guitars,and i like it but it is too powerful. I enjoy the smooth sound it gets but it sounds like a medium output bridge pickup with the tone pot on about half, and i want a more "neck" sounding output but would like the retain smoothness, also a pickup that would clean up a little better would be good too.

I have an air norton in one of my other guitars and really like it but i dont nessicarly want the same pickup in 2 different guitars.

How is the breed neck? it looks simular to an air zone in it's stats.
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I love the sound of the Breed neck through high gain, but I don't think it sounds that interesting clean. Don't know how well it cleans up with the volume control.

Check out these sound samples:

i can't i dont use or have quicktime .
jra2217 said:
i can't i dont use or have quicktime .
They're MP3s.
i just downloaded quicktime so i could hear them, you couldn't actually save the file and play it as an mp3 with windows media .

ANyways those help out a little bit, i was also looking for seve string pickups, i really like the blaze neck, i think i am going to get a blaze neck and bridge.
the breed is nice in the neck, thats what i would do if i was you .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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