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need pickups recommendation

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hiya u see i juz got my s470dxqm. yeah on my guitar, there isnt any wordings on the pickup, its a 2004 model, im not too sure whether is it a IBZ pickups. I will like to play darkness,gnr,g3 stuff but at the same time will also love to play bob marley, muddy waters, john lee hooker, eric claptopn,beatles,rolling stones stuff. wat combination of pickups to u guys recommend? and thx for the help!
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The pickup your looking for is a PAF. About every popular aftermarket pickup maker has them, so searching for one shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
i agree - the paf pro by dimarzio is absolutely LOVELY in the neck - my favourite (with air norton as a second). very versatile. if you pump up the tone, it gives this great sharp, aggressive sound, but its even better when you roll it back - good booming srv-like sound.
I'd say get the Evolution in the bridge chopper in the middle and the evo neck thats what i have and it's pretty good.
Evolution is WAY too aggressive for the versatility he's looking for IMHO... :s
I'd say PAF in the neck and Steve's special in bridge.
I think it fine u just have to mess with the volume and tone knobs and stuff
What does the steve's special sound like cause i was thinkin about gettin one for my talman
very versatile, it's the one Petrucci used in his JPM...
Breed neck in bridge for a warmer, hotter, more bass PAF Pro tone. Very dynamic and responsive.

PAF Joe in neck for well... erm... a sweet PAF Pro tone? :)

I got them both in my S520EX (H-H), so if you want want some sound clips, pm me. :)
paf pro and tone zone setup. versatile without the overbearing bottom of the air norton(which i like) in the neck. tone zone is just super versatile. sounds good for all styles.

I would go with the PAF Pro or PAF Joe, both really nice versatile pickups. I'm really liking my PAF Joe, it's very much like the Pro just a little warmer.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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