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Need ur guys help urgently

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I'm being offered to trade my Gibby LP Std 2003 model for a 2003 JEM 7WH 99% condition, as far as I know the JEM is in totally good condition.... The thing is that I have never played a JEM b4 and hence I dont really know what to do..... Pls give me ur advice on how to proceed I want a guitar to treasure forever...
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You MUST try before you trade. Moving from a Chunky neck to a less chunky neck, plus a non-trem to a trem, plus that middle pickup, is not going to be easy depending on how much playing time you've spent on the LP. If you're truly moving away from the LP, and know what a JEM "feels" like, then by all means, go for it.
Hmm, I may be able to help a bit on this one.Actually not so much help as give you my recent experience going from Les Paul type guitars to a Jem.Ive been a Les Paul guy for the last few years.Have recently played a Les Paul custom,a Fernandes Ravelle,and a few other set neck total Les Paul style guitars,and dont get me wrong i like them very much.Recently i started takin' some pretty advance lesson's (all that shred type stuff,wild scales,arpeggio's,really technical type stuff).Ive been playing for 25 yrs,and decided to go from straight ahead rock type playin to the whole shred scene (and havin' a blast!).On a whim i sold a couple of my les paul style guitars and bought a floral Jem.All i can say at this point is bye bye Les Paul's.Not sayin' everyone is gonna feel the same way,but there's a few factor's. I have always had real small hands (pisses me off),And when i would learn all these "difficult" scales and such, I would have a hell of a time playin' em on the Les Paul(long stretches and such).Here's where the Jem comes in.Once i got the Jem, my playing has gotten 100% better,my style has even changed for the better,it is just so much more player friendly,and just all around a ton easier to play.Just to clarify,I am not nor will ever be a Gibson basher,i like em' a lot,but the Jem is just the guitar for me!.....The other thing i was worried about also was missing the whole Les Paul sound.Not to worry besides being a whole lot easier to play, the Jem just sings (literally frickin' sings!),hard to describe, the sound is just so "DEFINED" and rich while remaining ****sy and very versatile at the same time!......... just my 2 cents Oh, and not to be a smart ass but it might help to try the Jem out before you trade(if possible)...........................
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Well these are guitars for differnt styles. The jem is more suited to advanced technique playing as its now more modern in design
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