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New Album from Double Heart Project' s member Franck

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Important news !

During the preparation of the new DHP album I have finished to compose my solo album, which will be 100 % instrumental. After 2 years, the compositions are done, drums will be played by Vincent Fabre in his new studio, and all other instruments will be played by myself excepted some keyboards solos played by special guests !

Some mp3 samples will be available soon,

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Hi !

The drums recording has begun, and I can say that the sound will be fantastic, here is a mp3 sample, it' s an improvisation from Vincent, and the mix was done in just 30 minutes ...


Hope you enjoy !

Re: New Instrumental Album from Double Heart Project' s member Franck

Hi !

Here are the firsts demo samples of the album, these ones are metal oriented. I hope you will like them :wink:

All the guitars will be recorded soon...

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/doubleheartproject/Blooding Karma_demo_sample.mp3

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/doubleheartproject/Sphinx Attack_demo_sample.mp3

All the best
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Hi !
Now you can find what should be the cover, track listing, mp3 demo samples, videos, and pictures on www.doubleheartproject.com !

Hope you like,
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