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Hey everyone! Here's a piece of news that really belongs here on Jemsite (considering the extensive use of Ibanez guitars on the record).

After many years of writing and recording, today I finally released the follow up to my debut album. Before I go further, here's a link to the album, streamable in its entirety, on Bandcamp:

In the supplied link there's also more information about the album, how it came about as well as a story behind each song.

Here on Jemsite however, I figured it might be fun to talk about the nitty-gritty; that is to say, how it was recorded, what gear was used etc etc. I'd also love to hear your feedback. After working on the material for a number of years I've ended up with a sort of tunnel vision where the songs are so familiar that I no longer have an inkling of what other listeners might think of them.

As was the case on This Lousy T-Shirt, my debut release, all of the tracks are quite different to one another, so there's a lot to explore and probably something for everyone.

For those who want an easy start, I recommend the tracks Echo and Sleeping in Light, as they are more commercial and digestible in comparison to a lot of the other songs on the record. Those who crave metal, look no further than Terminus and This Is Thirty. Want your fix of 80's excess? Try Neon Flush. Something more epic? There's Aftermath for that. Shred silliness? Mondays. The rest of the tracks fall somewhere in between.

One of my primary goals when writing Traction Control was to not hold back. Last time round, I was careful to parse superfluous notes; I wanted to avoid certain labels, and thus I focused on writing measured guitar lines that were never excessive. But life is too short to hold back. Especially considering music is my hobby.

As such, there's a lot more crazy playing on this album; albeit none of it reckless - I consistently wracked my imagination so that the recorded guitar lines would be interesting/exciting and surprising throughout. I truly hope I've succeeded.

Hope you all enjoy it - I look forward to discussing the material with everyone!
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